And so the night before, I read up everything I could

And so the night before, I read up everything I could

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cheap canada goose Unfortunately there are some people who don’t want to be a part of the bright future where the internet remains as free and accessible as it’s always been. Unfortunately, this group includes the President himself and the FCC Chairman he appointed. Chairman Ajit Pai has already led the FCC in voting to rollback rules established in 2015 that previously protected the open internet.

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canada goose store Bad life experiences aside, the larger point here is that I came out of my time as a waiter as a really good tipper, like all people who have ever worked in a job that involves tipping. And friends of mine would sometimes notice this and say sentences like, „Tim is a really good tipper.“ My ego took a liking to these sentences, and now, ten years later, I’ve positioned myself right in the „good but not ridiculously good tipper“ category. canada goose store

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