And yes, the children will try to pull the cards that say,

And yes, the children will try to pull the cards that say,

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cheap canada goose Canada Goose online Once the groundwork is done, it is important that the new mom and dad stand together without being divided by the biological children. And yes, the children will try to pull the cards that say, „You aren’t my real mom or dad!“ This is completely natural. Chances are they were already pleased with their first mom and dad and don’t see the need to love or accept new ones. Remember in the beginning that you are the one that chose a new partner, not your children. However, at some point after you allow them to blow off steam and let their feelings be known, the new parental pair needs to stand together and demand respect. Ensure to the kids that you aren’t trying to replace their real mom or dad, but that you want to love them and help them grow up. Canada Goose online

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