Unfortunately, the work that linemen do goes largely unnoticed

Unfortunately, the work that linemen do goes largely unnoticed

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The AF has also added more of what Herman refers to as “ la carte“ events as enhancements for the overall experience. The new Thursday night „Feast Under the Stars“ event in Butler Park sold out in just a few short hours its 100 seats for a locally sourced dinner prepared by a Texas chef lineup. Guests who didn’t bite soon enough on that event can drop by the W Hotel on Friday afternoon for Food Republic interviews with visiting chefs and some comedians in town for this weekend’s Moontower Comedy Oddity Festival, drop by for custom cocktails and desserts at the Sips and Sweets party after the Taste of Texas event in Republic Square Park on Friday night, or repair back to the W for the Cirque du Trace afterparty after rocking tacos on Saturday night.

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