But Travolta, who has since fallen off that list, was only 40

But Travolta, who has since fallen off that list, was only 40

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And for the record: I’m just waiting for Saturday Night Live (which finally made itself politically relevant again with its parodies of the recent Democratic primaries), to set up a sketch depicting Clinton and Palin battling it out as catfighting captains of opposing roller derby teams. Palin (portrayed by Maya Rudolph perhaps?), will be the captain of the Lady Pitbulls and will warn Clinton in a charming Alaskan accent that she is „a pitbull in lipstick.“ Just then Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton rolls up on Palin and says „Oh yeah pitbull well bite me“ knocking Palin to the ground. Hill then skates off.

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needle skin care Where this all leads is anyone’s guess. When John Travolta returned from a decade long career deep freeze with the adrenaline shot of Quentin Tarantino’s „Pulp Fiction,“ it catapulted the actor back to the top of the Hollywood A list. But Travolta, who has since fallen off that list, was only 40 then, whereas Keaton is closer in age to Burt Reynolds at the time of „Boogie Nights“ or Mickey Rourke at the time of „The Wrestler“ two much ballyhooed best microneedle roller, Oscar nominated performances that ultimately did little to reverse those stars‘ sagging fortunes. needle skin care

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The idea prospers that vacation flings are an escape from our real selves. But maybe what’s really happening is that they draw out selves that are real but suppressed. When we’re young, we stifle many possible selves to channel our energy into one, but the others can probably never be fully smothered.

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