Open Dropbox on your iPad, select a document and hit the arrow

Open Dropbox on your iPad, select a document and hit the arrow

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Apple’s „Pages“ As you would expect from Apple, this app is beautifully written, robust and a pleasure to use. You can create great, image rich documents straight from your iPad. It has an easy start where you can pick from a host of templates. While not having the extreme capabilities of Word, it will give you all the standard formatting options you would normally use plus graphics manipulation. The app Pages works seamlessly with Dropbox. Open Dropbox on your iPad, select a document and hit the arrow on the upper right side of your iPad. You will see „Open in Pages“. Select that and your document will be imported and opened in Pages. With the document creation ability of Pages, you are coming close to laptop abilities. You can open Word documents, edit them and save them as Word, Text, RTF, Epub or PDF.

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