Five days later, on July 16, search and rescue teams found

Five days later, on July 16, search and rescue teams found

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Celine Replica Bags Click for full scheduleA Texas family’s beloved Replica Celine Handbags Fake Celine handbags dog, who went missing after a car accident that seriously injured Celine Replica her owners, was found alive five days after the crash, according to a local animal rescue.Erica Cruz and Trenton Ray were driving on President George Bush Turnpike early Tuesday with their dog, a white lab/retriever mix named Daisy Mae, in the back seat.Cowboys‘ Elliott Has Suspension Upheld, But Will Play Week 1When they exited the turnpike, the couple approached traffic on the ramp to Highway 75. As their car slowed down, they were rear ended by a semi truck.Cruz and Ray were taken to the hospital. The back of their car was crushed by the 18 wheeler, but, according to Cruz, police said their was no sign of a deceased dog in the car.Watch: Dog Saves Drowning Fawn Off NY BeachIn a Facebook post a few days after the crash, Cruz wrote that Texas State Troopers walked up and down the highway after the crash searching for her beloved dog, but found no signs of Daisy Mae.Mutts Mayhem Animal Rescue then stepped in and launched a volunteer effort to find Daisy Mae.Five days later, on July 16, search and rescue teams found Daisy Mae in an embankment not far from the crash scene. Celine Replica Bags

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