Headquartered in NCR, they supply products throughout India

Headquartered in NCR, they supply products throughout India

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Jasmeet decided to raise funds in the most interesting way, ever! He decided to cycle from Mumbai to Delhi for a period of 10 days asking people to support the cause by sponsoring kilometers on Ketto.He ended up raising Rs. 3, 33,500 by cycling through various towns. „One of the sponsors further agreed to donate a crore to support the cause“, said Jasmeet enthusiastically.3Sending Ashwini, a sex worker’s daughter, to New York UniversitysharesHumans of Bombay raised 12 lakhs to send sex worker daughter Ashwini for further education in New York University, thus lightning up her life for a better future.Sagar Dorji, a four year old boy from Lakhimpur in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, developed a form of blood cancer in August 2016.

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