But for these similarities, Nishant cannot be called a sequel

But for these similarities, Nishant cannot be called a sequel

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canada goose outlet His recent venture Nishant, talked of widely as a socio political film, drew a box office in all the movie halls.Like his first film, Ankur, Shyam Benegal’s second venture Nishant develops into a landlord tenant confrontation, though does not deal directly with the problem. Whereas Ankur sowed the seeds of a mini revolution by cheap canada goose the oppressed classes, Nishant sees its fruition.In both cases it hints at the resurgence of the youthful spirit, symbolized by the boy’s defiance in smashing the window pane at the close of Ankur and, again in Nishant, the boy’s surveying in cold horror, the final massacre of the landlord’s family. But for these similarities, Nishant cannot be called a sequel to Ankur.The scene here is set in a village in a feudal state in pre independent India, and we are told that the film is based on a true incident which occurred in a village named Hanchkatti, some miles outside Hyderabad.This is, of course, no guarantee that the film on that episode will automatically become a work of art of the calibre of, say, Pather Panchali. canada goose outlet

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